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Paper accepted to Service Oriented Computing and Applications(SOCA)

Formal Modeling and Verification of Scalable Service Composition in IoT environment Sarah Hussein Toman, Lazhar Hamel, Zinah Hussein Toman, Mohamed Graiet, Samir Ouchani

R&D Engineer position: A Holistic Approach for Designing Carbon-Aware and Energy-Aware Cloud applications

Application deadline: March 23rd, 2023

[FILLED] R&D Engineer on geo-distributed applications

Application deadline: February 27th, 2023

[FILLED] DevOps R&D Engineer on cloud/edge infrastructure

Application deadline: February 27th, 2023

Paper accepted at 7th IEEE International Conference on Fog and Edge Computing 2023

Mobile Edge Slice Broker: Mobile Edge Slices Deployment in Multi-Cloud Environments

Paper accepted to Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments

Formal verification for security and attacks in IoT physical layer ZinahHussein Toman, LazharHamel, Sarah HusseinToman, Mohamed Graiet, DaltonCézaneGomes Valadares

Paper accepted at Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Elsevier

F-BIDS: Federated-Blending based Intrusion Detection System

Paper accepted to IEEE PerCom 2023

Towards Scalable Resilient Federated Learning: A Fully Decentralised Approach

Dr.Sirine Sayadi, new PhD from the team!

Congrats Sirine Sayadi!!! (Co-supervision by Profs. Mario Südholt, STACK, and Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, CR2TI lab, CHU Nantes/INSERM/Nantes University)

Research internship (Master 2) Leveraging DevOps and reconfiguration for adaptive federated learning with heterogeneous clients

Global information Start: ASAP Duration: 6 months Supervision: Hélène Coullon, IMT Atlantique & Inria team STACK, Kandaraj Piamrat, Nantes Université & Inria team STACK, Team: Stack Keywords: dynamic adaptation ; federated learning ; client selection

Award at 5th FUTURE-IOT Ph.D. SCHOOL for Best Challenge Realization Award

Samia Boutalbi of STACK team participated in 5th FUTURE-IOT Ph.D. SCHOOL and won “Best Challenge Realization Award” in a group event.

Thèse-Algorithmes d'apprentissage dynamique pour le jumeau numérique du territoire

Apply before: 2022-08-01

One Paper Has Been Accepted to IEEE Cloud 2022

Handling heterogeneous workflows in the Cloud while enhancing optimizations and performance

PhD TSecurity of containerized workloads: a programmable OS-level approach

Apply before: 2022-08-31

IEEE ICC 2022 Best Paper Award

Intrusion detection for Softwarized Networks with Semi-supervised Federated Learning

Thèse - Performances et résilience des opérations de reconfiguration de devices IoT F/H

Apply before: 2022-07-31

Postdoctorat – 18-months : Decentralization of distributed systems reconfiguration by using constraint programming

9 positions available at STACK within the OTPaas Framework

Accepted paper at FASE 2022

SMT-Based Planning Synthesis for Distributed System Reconfigurations

[FILLED] Engineering position: Ingénieur(e) développement logiciel spécialiste en pile logicielle pour les infrastructures massivement géo distribuées

Duration: Permanent Apply before: 2021-10-31

Research internship (Master 2) - Contribution to the adaptation of urgent applications in the IoT-to-Cloud Continuum

Global information Start: ASAP Duration: 6 months Supervision: Hélène Coullon - IMT Atlantique, Inria, France ; Daniel Balouek-Thomert - SCI Institute, University of Utah, USA Team: Stack Keywords: IoT-to-Cloud continuum ; urgent computing ; dynamic adaptation ; machine learning

And yet two more accepted papers

SLE 21: “Executing Certified Model Transformations on Apache Spark”

Two more accepted papers

ICDF2C’21: “A Hybrid Cloud Deployment Architecture For Privacy-preserving Collaborative Genome-Wide Association Studies”

Paper accepted at ISCC'21 - Best Student Paper Award

The Cost of Immortality: A Time to Live for Smart Contracts

Some presentations

Hélène Coullon is presenting as a invited speaker at ICE workshop of DisCoTec conference on June, 18th at 13:00:

One Paper Has Been Accepted to Euro-Par 2021

Geo-Distribute Cloud Applications at the Edge

PhD - Safe, efficient and low-energy self-adaptation for Cyber Physical Systems - Application to a scientific observatory in the Arctic tundra - Filled

This position has been filled

Master internship: Formal methods for component-based distributed systems reconfiguration

This position is no longer available

Master internship Cheops - Geo-distribute Cloud applications - Filled

This position has been filled

Automating application deployment, scaling, and management in geo-distributed infrastructures: The Kubernetes case. - Filled

This position has been filled

PhD position in 'A Model-based Approach for Multi-Scale and Dynamic Distributed Systems' - Filled

This position has been filled

Assistant Professor in Computer Science (Distributed Systems) - Filled

Congratulations to Aris for this job!

Three Papers Have Been Accepted to IEEE CCGRID 2020

Multi-site Connectivity for Edge Infrastructures - DIMINET:DIstributed Module for Inter-site NETworking

One Paper Has Been Accepted to IEEE MASCOTS 2019

Is it time to revisit Erasure Coding in Data-intensive clusters?

One Paper Has Been Accepted to IEEE ICCCN 2019

On the Importance of container images placement for service provisioning in the Edge

One Paper Has Been Accepted to IEEE SCC 2019

Service Placement in Fog Computing Using Constraint Programming

Article accepted by IEEE TSUSC

Estimating Energy Consumption of Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing Infrastructures

One paper cited in HPCWire

Automatic Energy Efficient HPC Programming: A Case Study

2 new members for the VeRDi project

Two new members have been hired for the VeRDi project and will arrive in july 2019. The first one is a 18-months postdoc expert in formal methods and verification. The second one is a 18-months engineer who will bring technical support to the project.

One Paper Has Been Accepted to ISPA 2018

Automatic Energy Efficient HPC Programming: A Case Study

Seminar and Collaboration at Northern Arizona University

Seminar and Collaboration at Northern Arizona University

VeRDi project accepted

Verified Reconfiguration Driven by Execution

Article accepted by the journal Annals of Telecommunications

Isolation in Cloud Computing Infrastructures: New Security Challenges

Congratulations to Thomas for his habiliation

Reconfiguration dynamique d’architectures logicielles : des métaclasses aux « nuages verts »

Article accepted to GlobeCom 2018

A Tree-Based Approach to locate Object Replicas in a Fog Storage Infrastructure

SysMics project (Toward Systems Medicine based on Genomics) accepted

SysMics aims at federating the NExT scientific community toward a common objective: anticipate the emergence of systems medicine by co-developing 3 approaches in population-scale genomics: genotyping by sequencing, cell-by-cell profiling and microbiome analysis.

Article accepted by IEEE TPDS

Putting the Next 500 VM Placement Algorithms to the Acid Test

Article accepted to HotEdge 2018

Edge Computing Resource Management System: a Critical Building Block!

One paper accepted to 4PAD @ HPCS 2018

Madeus: A formal deployment model

ONCOSHARe project (ONCOlogy big data SHAring for Research) accepted

The ONCOSHARe project (ONCOlogy big data SHAring for Research) will demonstrate, through a multidisciplinary cooperation within the Western CANCEROPOLE network, the feasibility and the added value of a Cancer Patient Centered Information Common for in-silico research. The STACK team will work on challenges to the security and the privacy of...

One Paper Has Been Accepted to FMEC 2018

Cache-Based Side-Channel Attacks Detection…

SKA-France / INRIA meeting

SKA-France / INRIA meeting at Paris Observatory

One Paper Has Been Accepted to SCA 2018

On the Performance of Spark on HPC Systems: Towards a Complete Picture

One Paper Has Been Accepted to SCA 2018

On the Performance of Spark on HPC Systems: Towards a Complete Picture

One Paper Has Been Accepted to CCGrid 2018

Nitro: Network-Aware Virtual Machine Images Management in Geo-Distributed Clouds

Invited talk at Biosphere 7 meeting organized by Institut Français de Bioinformatique

Compositional security and privacy for biomedical analyses using shared genetic data

aLife Workshop: Contribution of Software-related Research at Factories of the Future

The French engineering school IMT Atlantique is organizing the aLIFE workshop between industry and academia, in Nantes during two days on January, 30-31 2018. The objective of this workshop is to share various experiences and success stories, as well as open challenges related to the contribution of software-related research to...

Two Papers Have Been Accepted to CLOSER 2018

A Model-based Architecture for Autonomic and Heterogeneous Cloud Systems

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