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Award at 5th FUTURE-IOT Ph.D. SCHOOL for Best Challenge Realization Award -

Samia Boutalbi of STACK team participated in 5th FUTURE-IOT Ph.D. SCHOOL and won “Best Challenge Realization Award” in a group event.

The goal of this challenge was to make use of the stream data produced for example by FIOT events. The idea was to analyze a live video-stream to identify iconic moments and then create and publish memes in real-time. To do so, the work consisted of the following tasks:

  • Create a user interface (using wxpython) that allows an end-user to enter a live video-stream link with the ability to type in some keywords;
  • Get the live video-stream (using ffmpeg) and separate the information it contains, i.e. audio and video;
  • Process the information in the different streams (using AWS Rekognition): for the videos, they extract the most significant images, and for the audio, they extract the sentences that contain the keywords;
  • Fuse the extracted image and text to obtain a new artifact “an impressive image of the presenter and a quote” and display it automatically on the user interface;

The program of the future IoT summer school offered an exciting mix of lectures and hands-on tutorials on different topics from both academia and industry. Some keynote topics covered during the event:

  • Trusted Graphs: using graph-based learning for trusted Artificial Intelligence (University of Strasbourg);
  • Autonomy and Industry 4.0 (Siemens);
  • Autonomous Processes in the Circular Economy (Aperion Analytics);
  • Autonomy and Innovation as Enablers for the Aircraft Industry (Airbus);
  • IA/ML in the cloud to serve autonomous systems (AWS);
  • Autonomous management of low power wide area networks (Acklio);

Link to Certification