Software — Stack — for Massively Geo-Distributed Infrastructures

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Team seminar: overview of current and new projects

all, STACK

Location: Amphi Besse

Retirement Ceremony for Pierre Cointe

Hommage à Pierre Cointe, LS2N

Location: Amphi Bâtiment 34, LS2N

PhD defence: Secure distributed workflows for biomedical data analytics

Wilmer Garzon Alfonso, IMT Atlantique / Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito (STACK)

Location: Amphi Teillac, IMT Atlantique, Nantes

Training on Grid'5000 and Enoslib

Baptiste Jonglez, STACK

Location: J152

Towards edge-cloud abstraction and adaptation, a tour of ongoing research at UCLouvain

Etienne Rivière, UCLouvain

Location: Amphi Besse (remote)

VM centric memory management for heterogeneous memory architectures

Yohan Pipereau, Télécom SudParis (PDS)

Location: Amphi Besse

Brainstorming on urgent applications, reconfiguration and service meshes

Daniel Balouek-Thomert, Hélène Coullon, STACK

Location: B218

Brainstorming on Cheops, Zenoh, Concerto

Baptiste Jonglez, Geo Johns Antony, Jolan Philippe, STACK

Location: B218

Leveraging the Computing Continuum for Urgent Applications

Daniel Balouek-Thomert, Inria (STACK)

Location: B218

PhD defence: Cheops, a service mesh to geo-distribute micro-service applications at the Edge

Marie Delavergne, Inria (STACK)

Location: Amphi Besse, IMT Atlantique, Nantes

Heuristics for Vector Bin Packing and their extensions for scheduling Long-Running Applications with generalized conflicts

Clément Mommessin, IMT Atlantique (STACK)

Location: B218

Boosting cloud resource utilization with greedy oversubscription

Pierre Jacquet, Univ Lille, Inria, OVHcloud (Spirals & STACK)

Location: B218

Performance and reliability of geo-distributed object storage

Baptiste Jonglez, Inria (STACK)

Location: B218

Configuration et vérification des applications IoT dans le fog

Houda Chouat,

Location: Remote

Transprecise elasticity for real-time data stream processing in fog environments

Alessio Pagliari, Univ Rennes (Myriads)

Location: Amphi Besse

Migration de session MPQUIC

Abdou Seck, IMT Atlantique (STACK)

Location: B218

Towards Scalable Resilient Federated Learning: A Fully Decentralised Approach

Divi De Lacour, Orange (STACK)

Location: B218

Towards Correct Blockchain-based Business Processes

Ikram Garfatta, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

Location: Remote

Broker for the Cloud-Edge continuum

Samia Boutalbi, Ericsson (STACK)

Location: B218

PhD defence: Architectures réparties et conteneurs logiciels sécurisés pour coopérations médicales multi-sites

Sirine Sayadi, IMT Atlantique (STACK)

Location: Amphi Blaise Pascal, IMT Atlantique, Nantes

Zero-touch service management (ZSM) for cloud and edge computing

Prof. Adlen Ksentini, Communication Systems, Eurecom

Location: Bâtiment 34, LS2N

An introduction to GAIA-X

Alexis Bitaillou, IMT Atlantique (STACK)

Location: B218

A brief introduction to the CUE language

Eloi Perdereau, IMT Atlantique (STACK)

Location: B218

What's new in EnOSlib 8

Baptiste Jonglez, Inria (STACK)

Location: B218

Architectures de calcul à haut débit et à faible latence

Pierre Langlois, Polytechnique Montréal

Location: Amphi Besse

Formal Reconfiguration Model for Cloud Resources / Towards Correct Blockchain-based Business Processes

Mohamed Graiet, IMT Atlantique (STACK)

Location: Remote

Introducing Garage - a new storage platform for self-hosted geo-distributed clusters

Alex Auvolat & Quentin Dufour, Deuxfleurs

Location: Amphi Besse