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One Paper Has Been Accepted to FMEC 2018 -

Cache-Based Side-Channel Attacks Detection…

Mohammad-Mahdi Bazm, Thibaut Sautereau, Marc Lacoste, Mario Südholt, Jean-Marc Menaud

Research on cache-based side-channel attacks shows the security impact of these attacks on cloud computing. There- fore, the detection of cache-based side-channel attacks has re- ceived more attention in IaaS cloud infrastructures because of improvements in the attack techniques. However, such detection requires high resolution information, and it is also a challenging task because of the fine-granularity of the attacks. In this paper, we present an approach to detect cross-VM cache-based side- channel attacks through using hardware fine-grained information provided by Intel Cache Monitoring Technology (CMT) and Hardware Performance Counters (HPCs) following the Gaussian anomaly detection method. The approach shows a high detection rate with 2% performance overhead on the computing platform.