Software — Stack — for Massively Geo-Distributed Infrastructures

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Assistant Professor in Computer Science (Distributed Systems) - Filled -

Congratulations to Aris for this job!

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The Automation, Production and Computer Sciences department (french acronym DAPI) of IMT Atlantique is recruiting an Associate Professor specialised in the fields of Computer Science (Distributed Systems).

The departement is based on Nantes campus. It has about 110 staff including 44 permanent lecturer-researchers, distributed through three research groups. The department is involved in the lab of digital sciences in Nantes, LS2N (« Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes », UMR CNRS 6004).

You will join the STACK joint team (LS2N, Inria), which is part of the Software and Distribution Engineering group of the department. STACK members address the challenges related to the management and advanced usages of geo-distributed infrastructures (cloud/fog/edge and beyond…). More specifically, the team is interested in delivering appropriate system abstractions to operate them, from the lowest (system) levels to the highest (application development) ones, and addressing crosscutting dimensions such as energy or security.

The file must be submitted by mail, following the administrative procedure before April 30.

Feel free to contact the team leader Adrien Lebre (adrien . lebre @ imt-atlantique . fr).