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    Adrien Lebre

Who am I (short bio)

I received my Ph.D. from Grenoble Institute of Technologies in September 2006 and my M.S. degree from the University of Grenoble in 2003. During my PhD, I suggested a new way to handle I/O requests in multi-application clusters. This proposal led to the aIOLi project, an I/O scheduler framework for HPC file systems. In the meantime, I worked on the NFSp project, a non intrusive implementation of a parallel NFS server. Until these websites will be shutdown, you should find further details (PhD thesis, publications, code, documentations) on the aIOLi 's and NFSp 's sites.
Between 2006 and 2008, I held a postdoc position at Inria in the framework of the XtreemOS project EU IP project. During this position, I had been in charge of designing and developing kDFS (a kernel Distributed File System).
I joined the "ASCOLA Research Group at the Ecole des Mines de Nantes on September 2008 where I worked on distributed cloud computing challenges (see Beyond the Clouds initiative as well as the FEMDC Working Group of the OpenStack community). These activities led in part to the creation of the STACK Research Group that I have been leading since November 2017.

Contact/postal address

  • IMT Atlantique/DAPI/B216
    4, rue Alfred Kastler, BP 20722
    44307 Nantes Cedex 3, France

    adrien . lebre at inria . fr
    Phone: +33 (0)2 51 85 82 43

Research Interest

  • Distributed Computing (Cloud/Fog/Edge)
  • Resource management systems
  • (Distributed) Operating Systems
  • Distributed File Systems/Key Value Stores
  • Virtualizations

More precisely I investigate the interest of recent programming models (such as event or component programming) in the design of new systems to help administrators and DevOps manage large-scale geo-distributed infrastructures/applications. I'm currently working on two particular challenges leveraging locality as a key point of the design:

  • Proposing new storage layers to reduce the impact of the network at WAN level.
  • Investigating new approaches to deal with geo-distribution aspects without increasing the complexity of the business logic of an application.


You can find an up-to-date list of my publications since Oct 2008 here !


On going
GRECO - Resource management system for Object Clouds
Beyond the Clouds - Revise OpenStack to satisfy Fog/Edge computing requirements
Grid'5000 - Member of the Executive committee and Responsible of the Nantes site (formerly Chair of the Hemera virtualisation working group). Note: In 2018, Grid'5000 and FIT members joined their effort to develop the SILECS testbed (making echo to the current European initiative SLICES).


RSD Research Group - Member of the executive committee of the GDR CNRS RSD (Reseau et Système distribué). Co-chair of the transversal action Virtualization and Clouds of this GDR between 2015 and 2020.
BigStorage Marie Sklodowska Curie European Training Network (successor of The SCALUS ITN)
SONGS - Leveraging SimGrid to simulate next generation systems (such as clouds ;) )
SCALUS Marie Curie Initial Training Network with a strong focus on storage concerns

Scientific Animations

UCC 2022 - PC Member
CloudCom 2022 - PC Member
CloudNet 2022 - PC Member
ICFEC 2022 - PC Member
UCC 2021 - PC Member
CCGRID 2021 - PC Member (Internet Computing Frontiers: Edge, Fog, Serverless, Lambda, Streaming Track)
ICFEC 2021 - PC Member
UCC 2020  - PC Member
CloudCom 2020  - PC Member (Edge Computing, IoT and Distributed Cloud)
ICDCS 2020 - PC Member (Industry and Experimentation track)
IC2E 2020 - PC Member
Euro-Par 2020 - Publicity chair (France)
ICC 2020 - PC Member ((Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium)
CloudCom 2019  - PC Member (Edge and Distributed Cloud Computing Track)
Cluster 2019 - PC Member
CCGRID 2019 - PC Member (Cloud Computing Track)
IC2E 2019 - PC Member
ICC 2019 - PC Member (Next Generation Networking and Internet Symposium)
SILECS (Grid'5000/FIT) Spring School - Co-organizer
CloudCom 2018 - PC Member (Edge Computing Track)
SBAC-PAD 2018 - PC member (Track Chair - System Software)
OpenStack Summit - PC Member (Edge Computing Track)
ICFEC 2018 - PC Member
CCGRID 2018 - PC Member
IC2E 2018 - PC Member
Network of the Future (Nof 2017) - PC Member
CloudCom 2017 - PC member (Track Chair - Distributed Cloud / Cloud Brokering / Edge Computing)
ResCom Spring School 2017 - Organization Committee Member
BGP 2017 - Publicity Chair
SC 2017 - PC member (Data Analytics, Visualization & Storage track)
ICFEC 2017 - co-PC Chair
HPDC 2017 - PC member
CCGRID 2017 - PC member
CloudCom 2016 - PC member (Co-track Chair - Distributed Cloud / Cloud Brokering / Edge Computing)
SSS 2016 - PC Member (Self-* and Autonomic Computing track)
OPTIM'16 - PC Member
SC 2016 - PC Member
Europar 2016 - PC Member (Local Chair for the Cluster/Grid and Cloud Computing track)
CCGRID 2016 - PC Member
Journee SUCCES 2015 - Invited Talk
CloudDay@LIP6 - Organizer
DSDIS (Data Science and Data Intensive Systems) 2015 - PC Member
CloudCom 2015 - PC Member
IEEE Transactions on Big Data - Associate Editor
Europar 2015 - PC Member
WS SCRAMBL 2015 - PC Member
IC2E 2015 - PC Member
CCGRID 2015 - PC Member
ISC Cloud 2014 - Invited Talk
CloudDays@Nantes - Co-organizer (French event)
BDCloud 2014 - PC Member
CloudCom 2014 - PC Member
BigData 2014 - PC Member
SimGrid User Days 2014 - Local Chair
Cluster 2014 - Publicity Chair
WS SCRAMBL 2014 - PC Member
IC2E 2014 - Tutorials Chair
Cloud Computing Summer School 2013 - Invited Talk on the Beyond the Cloud initiative
3PGCIC 2013 - PC Member
BigData 2013 - PC Member
Europar 2013 - PC Member
NPC 2013 - Publicity Chair
CGC 2013 - PC Member
WS VTDC 2013 - General Chair
SC 2013 - PC Member
CCGRID 2013 - PC Member
Grid'5000 2012 Winter School - General Chair
WS VTDC 2012 - PC Chair
CGC 2012 - PC Member
Contrail Cloud Computing summer school 2011 - Lecturer
PDP 2011 (special session on Cloud Computing) - PC Member
WS RTSOAA 2011 (Real-Time Cloud Computing and Virtualization) - PC Member
WS VTDC 2011 - General Chair
ScalCom 2011 - PC Member
CGC 2011 - PC Member
WS HPCVirt 2011 - PC Member
WS VTDC 2010 - Invited Speaker
WS HPCVirt 2010 - PC Member
NAS 2010 - PC Member
Grid'5000/Virtualization WG day 2010 - Organizer

Grid'5000/Aladdin - Committee Member