Software — Stack — for Massively Geo-Distributed Infrastructures

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STACK is a joint team (a so-called INRIA project-team) of the Automation and Computer Science Departement of IMT Atlantique and Inria's research center in Rennes. STACK is also a team of Laboratoire des Sciences du numérique de Nantes (LS2N, UMR CNRS 6004).

Team Presentation

STACK is a research group focusing on challenges related to the management and advanced usages of Utility Computing infrastructures (i.e. Cloud, Fog, Edge, and beyond). More specifically, the team is interested in delivering appropriate system abstractions to operate massively geo-distributed ICT infrastructures, from the lowest (system) levels to the highest (application development) ones, and addressing crosscutting dimensions such as energy or security. Those infrastructures are critical for the emergence of new kind of applications related to the digitalization of the industry and the public sector (aka Industrial and Tactile Internet).

The STACK proposal is unique in its ambition of delivering a tightly coupled software management stack: in addition to contributing to the design and development of advanced systems mechanisms and APIs, the objective of STACK is to identify synergies between all these mechanisms. Such a stack is mandatory to allow operators to handle and supervise massively geo-distributed infrastructures in an efficient and sustainable manner, while offering to end-users/developers appropriate abstractions to embrace the opportunities offered by the geo-distribution of resources.

To tackle these challenges, the team is composed of researchers who are experts in (distributed) systems, large software systems and programming, and who combine significant skills in the design, practical development and evaluation of large-scale systems.